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 Mission Statement — Thrive LGBT+ seeks to help people escape and heal from the destructive impact of religious stigma against the LGBT+ community in all its forms including ex-gay ministry and conversion therapy.

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Vision Statement

Affirming LGBT+ people is honoring the Image of God in us, as we are. Thrive LGBT+ believes most people seek to love and affirm LGBT+ people but may have been conditioned through religious stigma to shame and condemn us and our relationships. Through forced behavioral modification and imposing a false context on our lives this has created systemic oppression that keeps some LGBT+ from flourishing. Thrive LGBT+ seeks to change that by empowering LGBT+ people and our allies to navigate out of, heal from, and live beyond stigmatizing religion. Whether an LGBT+ person of faith or not, we seek to help people move forward to live emotionally and relationally thriving lives within the context of a healthy self-esteem, life-giving relationships, and equal standing within their community.

Values Statement

Thrive LGBT+ celebrates the truth that all LGBT+ people are worthy of dignity, honor, respect, spiritual affirmation, and full equality in every sector of life. We stand against fear-based religious efforts to promote ex-gay ideology, “conversion” therapy, and social/political inequality. We applaud all courageous efforts to help LGBT+ people develop and have access to more life-giving resources as they seek to avoid or escape oppressive religion to improve their lives.

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