Thrive LGBT+ Board of Directors


Yvette Cantu SchneiderThrive LGBT+ Board President –  is a writer and public speaker. She has appeared on several national TV shows, including The O’Reilly Factor, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, PBS’s Debates, and The Crier Report. She has spoken on college campuses across the country, at various conferences, and before state and national legislatures. Her articles have appeared in major newspapers.

Rev. Terri Steed Pierce Thrive LGBT+ Vice President (Founding Board Member) – Rev. Terri is the pastor of Joy MCC Orlando and has a huge heart for our community and especially the issues that Thrive is seeking to address and the people we are seeking to help. Rev. Terri is a champion for the LGBT+ community and we are honored by her helping us with Thrive LGBT+.

Loren Gill – Thrive LGBT+ Treasurer (Founding Board Member) – Based here in Sanford Florida, Loren is a tax professional who owns a tax preparation company called Village Tax Services. Loren has a big heart, great friendship, and wise leadership! We love having Loren on the board.

Daniel Karslake – Thrive LGBT+ Board Secretary (Founding Board Member) – Daniel is a world-renowned documentarian based in Berlin, Germany, and another close friend. Randy Thomas will be featured in his documentary “For They Know Not What They Do” which will be the sequel to the award-winning documentary “For The Bible Tells Me So.” Daniel has incredible wisdom and insight. His experience, skillset, and ability to analyze and see through to the real issues and needs are necessary and will be an incredible asset to this board.

Craig Claussen Ph.D., RAC – Thrive LGBT+ Board Member – Craig lives in the Chicago suburbs with his partner. A scientist by education, he brings years of strategic writing experience that will help us navigate grants and government affairs.  Craig has been a lifelong friend of our Executive Director’s fiance, Dan Scobey, and is passionate about our work here at Thrive!

James Paresi – Thrive LGBT+ Board Member (Founding Board Member) – Based in Los Angeles, James is an amazing architect and owner of Paresi Design Studio. His friendship and wonderful sense of humor really spurred our team on to start stepping up and speaking out more. Thrive LGBT+ benefits greatly from his creativity and leadership.

Randy Thomas – Thrive LGBT+ Executive Director (Founding Board Member) – Randy is a Christian who also happens to be gay. His story of coming out twice in life reveals the struggle of coming to terms with being a gay man of faith. In his former career as the last Executive Vice President of Exodus International, he contributed to several books and was featured in a full-page ad in The Los Angeles Times. His  “ex-gay” story was also highlighted in Chuck Colson’s book The Good Life, and in media outlets around the world. Of course, that was from his past ex-gay perspective that he no longer promotes or encourages. He is now supportive of efforts to end conversion therapy for minors speaks strongly against efforts to “change” a person’s sexual orientation. Click here to read Randy’s bio.

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