Finding Joy In Our Journey – Introduction (Series)

Would it surprise you if I said that “joy” could be a part of everyone’s journey? … That it is right there, waiting to be engaged? It may not be easy to see or experience sometimes, but I honestly believe joy can be found in our lives if we are intentional to look for where it is manifesting. I believe that genuine joy can be engaged as an essential and empowering part of our sense of self and relational state of being.

To be clear, I am not talking about flipping a happy switch whenever we want. It certainly does not work like that! How fun would it be if we could though?!  What I am talking about is deeper than that. I believe that embracing core elements of who we are and why we are on this planet will make joy a more accessible undercurrent in our day to day lives. This is incredibly important for those of us seeking to find our way “out” and living in the truth of our authentic selves.

In this “Finding Joy In Our Journey” series, I want to share key areas of life that are common to all of our journeys. They manifest very differently but in my 50 years so far on this planet, I don’t know a single soul that doesn’t find these areas incredibly important in their lives. They are:

  • The Quest For Truth & Meaning
  • Identity
  • Sense of Relational Being
  • Activity
  • Legacy

Over the course of the next five Thursdays we will take each one of the above areas and define, evaluate, and explore their life-giving purpose. While I certainly do not have the power or place to tell you what exactly you will discover along your journey, it is my hope to be able to provide some experience and insights that will lead you to discover more about yourself, empowers you to be anchored in honesty, and will help you keep what’s important important with all the rest being viewed and managed with a healthy perspective.

I believe joy has a twin sister, peace. By enjoying who we truly are we finally come to find peace in our heart, mind, and relationships. This life-infused peace is maybe the most thorough example of underlying joy I have personally experienced. I hope it does with you, too.

Next week’s post will be about “The Quest For Truth & Meaning.” It’s part of human nature to always be curious and seek out truth and meaning. We know that we don’t know everything and how powerful “truth and meaning” can be in our lives. How we engage this part of life will literally define the rest of our journey and how we interpret our experience. Stay tuned!


Note: Next week we will tackle the first of five key aspects of life, “The quest for truth and meaning!” Click here to see other posts in the series.

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