Lauren Daigle Resists The Cultural Christian Shame Machine


I had no idea who Lauren Daigle was until the Christian Shame Machine, with big smiles and lots of … love(?)… started kicking in. They felt the need to “remind her” and “exhort her” to denounce homosexuality. I mean, the melodramatic prophet of all things ex-gay ministry Andy Comiskey, pulls out Holocaust “don’t compromise” quotes in response to her.

Simply ridiculous.

Lauren, a new rising star in the pop world is known for her Christian music and faith. After appearing on Ellen, she was asked if she thought being gay was a sin and she refused to answer out of love for her fans. It’s clear that once her influence expanded as a result of her beautiful talent, evangelical activists seek to hijack her platform to push their agenda. They want to insert their voice into her music career instead of merely letting a young artist thrive and do her own thing.

She chooses to love others instead of stigmatizing others… and the Christian Shame Machine is seeking to punish her for it. By the way, her beautiful “witness” has already done more good in the world than their fear-based version of religion ever will.

Many of us may see how Lauren is being treated and can relate. While each person’s experience is unique, when we began to be honest about who we are and what we believe, many of us faced the onslaught of the Christian Shame Machine. But we did more than survive; we began to Thrive. People seeking to stigmatize us only have the power to do so if we give it to them or let them get away with it.

We will not let religious stigma steal our personhood, creativity, beauty, and birthright to be who we are born to be.

Whether you are a Christian or not, I think you will find this song of Lauren’s to be beautiful and representative of her innate gifts and beauty. Enjoy.

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