Thrive LGBT+ Celebrates 1st Birthday – Thank you!

Dear Thrive LGBT+ Friends,

One year ago, November 13th, 2017 to be exact, Thrive LGBT+ Inc. was born! It’s been quite a year as the website and social media outlets started producing content and reaching thousands of people with each life-giving post.  We continually provide encouragement that being an LGBT+ person is a gift, not a source of confusion or fear. Religious stigma impacts us all but it continues to lose its power as more of us stand against hate, speak up with love, and help one another move forward in healing and wholeness.

And, we are just getting started! We will continue to work toward banning conversion therapy for minors across all 50 states. We will continue to make the case that ex-gay ministries should be exposed and explained for what they truly do and believe. We will help people leave that shame-based and painful world behind and walk into a Thriving life they discover was their birthright all along.

Thrive seeks to invest in LGBT+ individuals, our families, in community. With experiential knowledge, wisdom, and leadership, Thrive LGBT+ will confront all the ways that religious stigma impacts us. As I often say, the antidote to stigmatization is humanization. There are already too many villains in the world and we aren’t here to create more. That said, we will combat religious bigotry with boldness, love, dignity, fueled by empathy.

You are a vital part of this effort. Not a day goes by where I am not reminded of how grateful we are for your ongoing financial and personal support. If you haven’t yet donated to Thrive LGBT+, please consider contributing to our efforts.

I want to leave you with some encouragement via a note from a man in a Facebook private message about a recent post, “I finally found some hope and words can’t express the joy I am feeling right now.”

Your friendship and support + the passion and vision of our team = everyday miracles.

So, once again, happy 1st birthday to us. Thank you for being a part of the Thrive LGBT+ team!

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