ThriveCasts #13 and #14: Impromptu, and “Sex With God” Book Launch

ThriveCast #14 — With guests Suzanne & Dianne DeWitt Hall — “Sex With God” Book Launch

You are not going to want to miss this ThriveCast! We talk about sex and inviting the Divine into some of the most intimate moments of our lives. Suzanne has just released her latest book, “Sex With God” and it is already receiving rave reviews and of course some backlash from the usual places.

From the “Sex With God” description; “Involving God in your sex life may sound scandalous, but sexuality was designed by our creator and is saturated with the very being of God. So why not invite the divine in? The concept may feel awkward at first, because we’ve been trained by purity culture and centuries of mistrust of our bodies and our desires. But God wants to be part of all we do. God is already there when you are naked with your beloved. God is within you, and within them, and between you both. Be brave. Enter into that presence. You have the power to transform sex into worship of God, with God.” So watch the video on the Thrive LGBTQ Facebook page this Thursday 8/13/20 at 8 PM and chime in on the comments. We will be there to engage the conversation and look forward to seeing you!

Order Sex With God” and leave a favorable review at…/pr…/B08DL898Z5/

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ThriveCast #13 — Being Gay On Sunday, An Impromptu ThriveCast

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